Act 133 (S.55) of 2024 (effective July 1) requires all municipalities to post a copy of Title 1, Section 314 to their website, if they maintain one. The file linked below on this webpage fulfills the law’s requirement:
Title 1 Section 314

Open Meeting Law complaints directed to the Town of Barnet must be filed with the town clerk by e-mail or to Town of Barnet, PO Box 15, Barnet, VT  05821.

The written notice of complaint must allege a specific violation of the Open Meeting Law, identify the public body that committed the alleged violation, and request a specific cure of such violation. Upon receipt of the written notice of alleged violation, the public body will respond publicly to the alleged violation within 10 calendar days by:

  • acknowledging the violation of this subchapter and stating an intent to cure the violation within 14 calendar days; or
  • stating that the public body has determined that no violation has occurred and that no cure is necessary.

Failure of a public body to respond to a written notice of alleged violation within 10 calendar days will be treated as a denial of the violation for purposes of enforcement of the Open Meeting Law.