• Staff:
    • Bruce Marston, Supervisor & Recycling Center Attendant
    • Donald Nelson, Recycling Center Attendant
    • Daniel Ehlers, Recycling Center Attendant
    • Shirley Warden, Transfer Station Attendant
  • Hours of Operation: Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. During summer months from the first Wednesday after Memorial Day
    until the last Wednesday before Labor Day open 3-7 p.m. on Wednesdays.
  • Location: 900 Town Forest Rd: At end of Town Forest Road. In Passumpsic Village, turn onto Bridge Street and cross the bridge over the Passumpsic River. As you come off of the bridge, take a right onto Town Forest Road and go the end of the road. Transfer Station will be on your left; Recycling Center will be straight ahead past the Transfer Station.
  • Requirements for use: For rubbish generated by residences located within the Town of Barnet.  A sticker is required to show the attendant that you are a resident or taxpayer of Barnet. This sticker can be obtained at the Town Clerk’s Office.

Current fees for disposal:

  • Transfer Station:
    • Mixed solid waste (MSW):
      • 13 gallon (kitchen) bag: $1.00
      • 30 gallon bag: $2.00
      • 42 gallon bag: $3.00
      • 55 gallon bag: $5.00
      • Or per cubic yard: $15.00
    • Construction & demolition debris (C &D):
      • $15.00 per cubic yard
      • Bulkies: $15.00 each
      • Metal items: No charge
      • Tires:
        • Without rims, less than 16.5″: $3.00 each
        • With rims, less than 16.5″: $5.00 each
        • Without rims, larger than 16.5″: $8.00 each
        • With rims, larger than 16.5″: $15.00 each
  • Recycling Center: All acceptable items can be recycled at no charge. See the Recycling and Waste Disposal Guide, which lists both acceptable and unacceptable items. Other acceptable items include:
    • Electronic items, limited to the below list:
      • Amplifiers, answering machines, boom boxes, cable converter boxes, CD players, clock radios, computer systems and components, digital converter boxes, DVD players, electronic games consoles, etc., fax machines, MP3 players, power cords and chargers, scanners, smart phones, etc, stereo equipment, telephones, televisions, and VCRs.

2021 Household Hazardous Waste Collection Schedule

2021 Northeast Kingdom Waste Management District Calendar

If you have any questions regarding waste management, please call NEKWMD at  (802) 626-3532 or (800) 734-4602
or on the web at www.nekwmd.org