Beginning in 2021, Selectboard has returned to the exploration and investigation of the potential use of the Town Hall at 160 Church Street as a municipal office building. This proposed renovation/re-purposing has been under consideration for a number of years; in 2009, when long-time Town Clerk William Hoar retired, the building was dedicated as the William E. Hoar Municipal Building. Below you will find information and documents relating to the current project. Please visit the Selectboard page for agendas and minutes of meetings at which this project is discussed.

Building & Site Condition Assessment, Space Needs Assessment, Conceptual Design Options and Town Project Budget
Click the link below to visit a Microsoft OneDrive location where you can download PDF files of three proposals and a slideshow presented at the 8 December 2021 Special Selectboard Meeting.
Proposals & Slideshow


Archives: McIndoe Falls Academy and Newly-Constructed Building
From 2016 to 2020, the Selectboard explored two potential projects for creation of new municipal office space: 1) renovating the McIndoe Falls Academy in McIndoe Falls Village or 2) building a newly-constructed office on an undetermined lot. In March of 2020, the voters authorized the Selectboard to borrow to build a new building on an undetermined lot; in the same election, the voters declined to authorize the Selectboard to borrow to renovate the McIndoe Falls Academy. Because this process was related to the current project, for reference some documents relating to this process are found below.

Official Return of Votes (election results) – Town Office Borrowing Vote  (3 March 2020)
Ballot – Town Office Borrowing Vote  (3 March 2020)
Informational Flyer – for Town Office Borrowing Vote (3 March 2020)
Informational Meeting Presentation – February 2020 – for Town Town Office Borrowing Vote (3 March 2020) (Microsoft One Drive location download)
Selectboard Report – 23 December 2019 – includes sketches and cost estimates (Microsoft OneDrive location download)