Board for the Abatement of Taxes

The Board of Abatement consists of the Town’s elected Justices of the Peace, Selectboard Members, Listers, Town Clerk and Town Treasurer. Its function is to hear requests for abatement of property taxes and to render decisions on such requests pursuant to 24 V.S.A. § 1535. Abatement is a statutory process for relieving taxpayers from the burden of property taxes, penalty (collection fees), and interest when the law authorizes abatement and when the Board, in its discretion, agrees that the request is reasonable and proper.

  • Members (for detailed listing, including contact information and term expiration, see municipal directory):
    • William Graves, Chair
    • Dennis McLam, Vice Chair
    • Benjamin Heisholt, Clerk
    • Steven Adler
    • John Cook
    • Sarah Cook
    • Susan Coppenrath
    • Dylan Ford
    • Benjamin Gates
    • Mark Jefferson
    • Susan Jensen
    • Stanley Robinson
    • Shellie Samuels
    • Michael Walsh

 Warnings, Agendas & Minutes
13 December 2018 Hearings Recorded Minutes
13 December 2018 Hearings Notice
6 March 2018 Recorded Minutes
6 March 2018 Hearing Notice
13 December 2017 Hearings Recorded Minutes
13 December 2017 Hearings Notice
22 February 2017 Recorded Minutes
22 February 2017 Hearing Notice
11 April 2016 Hearing Recorded Minutes
26 October 2015 Hearing Recorded Minutes